Shadows and metallics

I have recently started printing on a Japanese metallic paper. The prints shown here are printed on silver paper and started as photographic images.

“Deer by the river” 2018 Screenprint on Japanese metallic paper, 15 x 22cm
Man in a deckchair, 2018, screenprint on Japanese metallic paper, 15 x21cm
“Into the woods” Screenprint in Japanese metallic paper, 15×21 cm
“The weir” 2018 Screenprint on metallic paper,41 x 29 cm
‘Cockle pickers’ 2018 screenprint on Japanese metallic paper 39 x 14.5 cm
“More cocklepickers” (2019) Screenprint on mirrored paper, 40 x 16 cm
“Palms and parakeets” (2019) Screenprint on metallic paper, 22 x 30 cm
‘Blue deer” (2019) Screenprint on metallic paper, 10 x 10 cm