Long and thin

Etchings in a long thin format.

I became inspired to produce etchings in this format after seeing an ink drawing of a castle by Victor Hugo. My first print was a view of the castle over the village of Najac in South West France.

A visit to Northern Ireland inspired the next etching of the Dark Hedges, an Avenue of ancient beech trees which featured in the Game of Thrones.

Dark Hedges Etching 2022

The third print in the series was based on a photo I took in St Antonin, in South West France of a girl running into a doorway. I often use imprints of textures in my prints and you can see the bubble wrap here.

Shadows Etching 2022

The next print is of Bruniquel, another village in South West France. The brick work on the clock tower is an imprint of a rubber sink mat. As I was preparing for an exhibition called Colour and Collage, my first prints of this were brighter.

Bruniquel (blue) 2022

All the prints were shown together at my exhibition in Sprout Arts Centre. They are available for £95 each unframed and £150 framed as shown below. (I only have 2 left of Bruniquel in this colourway).