Screenprints 2020

It has been a difficult year for printing as I was not able to access the print studio for several months. But this is what I have been producing in 2020 (and the end of 2019).

Arcadian Thames

This print was produced for an exhibition at the Riverside Gallery, Richmond, Surrey which should now take place in 2021 and which has a ‘Thames’ theme. I produced a variety of different colour ways of the same image which is based on photos taken in Twickenham. This one is printed on gold paper.

Sunday by the river

Another print based on the Thames, this time based on photos taken on the riverside at Putney. This version is printed on silver paper.

Low tide

This was one of the first prints I did on return to the studio. I saw someone mud larking at low tide at Vauxhall. Again it is printed on silver paper.

Umbrellas in Tokyo 2

This is the screenprint version of an etching ( see my Japanese etchings post) and was actually produced at the end of 2019.

Tango dancers (red) 1

Another image based on my travels – this time on tango dancers in Buenos Aires ( where else). This was the first print I completed when back in the studio and I am working on a second image on the same theme).

Tango dancers ( purple) 1

The same image in a different colour way.