Prints 2021

This is a random selection of the prints that I have been working on this year ( and towards the end of last year as printing was a little disrupted the first couple of months of 2021 for COVID reasons).

Tango dancers (Red) (2020) Screenprint 60 x28 cm

Emerging from lockdown I was desperate to work big and bold. It does pose some technical challenges. This was a development from some prints of individual tango dancers ( see 2020 Screenprints) I played around with the colours on these but actually this colour way ( which was the original one planned) is my favourite).

Tango dancers (purple) Screenprint (2020)
Tango dancers 2 (2020) Screenprint 27 x 25 cm

One more dancer. This time an etching of a Japanese dancer. This is a tiny print by comparison with a fan made of Japanese paper added using chine-collée.

Dancer with fan (2021) Etching with chine-collée 10 x 15 cm

Two more etchings this time of gardens. With these I have used a different method of chine-collée. Thin Japanese paper coloured using watercolour is attached to the print – it is a way of hand colouring the print so that the watercolour sits behind the ink. The first is of a Japanese garden. The second print was actually from a photo of the orchid festival at Kew.

Japanese garden (2021) Etching with chine-collée 29 x 22cm
Umbrellas in greenhouse (2021) Etching with chine-collée 15 x21 cm